Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DRM FC v DPMM Management Match Report

Team Line-Up
Formation: 4-4-2

1st Half: Najib, Yusriman, Renny, Nazrul, Rahimin, Amir S, Shahrin, Khai TSW, Asmadi, Julberg, Azelin

2nd Half: Yusriman, Sufian Baros, Shahrin, Ari, Khairul, Rene Komar, Keita Mandjou, Sulhi, Jame, Haidi, Hj Zul

Subs: Azhar, Alim, Boy

Match Statistics

HT Score: 1 - 5
FT Score: 2 - 7

Goals: Julberg, Alim
Assists: Amir S, Hj Zul

Cuci Baju: Asmadi

Friday, July 11, 2008

DRM FC v BLNG FC Match Report

Match Line-Up
Formation: 4-4-2

First 11: Leong (GK), Ivan, Renny, Izul, Vincent, Julberg, Danan, Arch, Hj Suhaimi, Fadil TSW, Mizi

Subs Used: Ari, Rahimin, Azelin, Saiful Bulan, Aizul, Rizan, Hj Rizal, Zayani, Ching, Zainal, Wen Ren, Rijal TSG, Haidi, One Tabang, Amir S

Played for BLNG: Nazrul, Ady Fadli, Aidil, Gavin

Match Statistics

HT Score: 0 - 1
FT Score: 1 - 3

Goals: Azelin
Assists: none

Cuci Baju: Azwan

Monday, July 07, 2008

DRM FC v PPA Match Report

Match Line-Up
Formation: 3-5-2

First 11: Liew (GK), Ivan, Renny, One Tabang, Hailmey, Amir S, G Khai, Alif, Danan, Haidi, Julberg

Subs Used: Ari, Rahimin, Azelin, Saiful Bulan, Aizul, Ejan
Played for PPA: Arch, Hj Rizal, Jai PPA

Match Statistics

HT Score: 2 - 1
FT Score: 2 - 2

Goals: Julberg, G Khai
Assists: Amir S

Cuci Baju: Azwan

PPA snatch late equaliser!

A quick one. Another late start to the game, and it seems like the new DRM strategy is to turn up late, make sure the ref’s arrival is also delayed so it doesn’t look like we’re the cause of the kick-off delay, and all that to ensure we don’t play more than an hour so we don’t get caught out late in the game with tired legs! Seems to be getting us the results however!

We continued our experimental 3-5-2 on the field, with Hailmey playing a deep holding role similar to the job Flamini would take on for the Gunners and it definitely gave us the advantage in the middle of the park as it allowed G Khai and Amir our more creative players to play to their strengths.

It wasn’t however until MOTM Ari came for the more defensive One Tabang to play left-wing back that we put our two first half goals away. Ari on both occasions initiating two quick counter attacks from the flanks, the first one putting Amir S free and through on goal where he rounded the keeper and made it easy for Julberg to tap in, and the second setting up G Khai for a slammer from outside the box.

The second half saw up set up stall for a more defensive performance, G Khai and Nazrul playing centre-backs with the big Saiful Bulan infront of them, and although it looked like we would hold on to the lead for most of the game, we eventually let in the equalizer and that was how the game would end.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rijal overcomes hoodoo to take last minute winner over Menang FC

True to their form, the boys in blue & yellow managed another win in the league again this time against our local derby rivals Menang FC.

As always with these Menang - DRM games, it takes awhile to sort out the starting line-up with many players having dual allegiances being regulars for both teams, and so it often boils down to which team really needs you more. This ofcourse normally takes oh half an hour or so to sort out, but fitted in fine yesterday as the referee was also late to arrive.

After much squabbling and all sorts of threats flying around, we finally arrived to a consensus and amazingly eleven players for each side with a few subs to spare! And it’s only in a game like this that you’ll find the subs carrying both jersey’s just in case!

The first half exchanges were very cordial it almost seemed as if we weren’t really playing to score more like playing for a run out, and it really meant that we could afford to play with just three at the back as we flooded the middle of the park with those people who just love running all over the pitch.

And ofcourse after spending a week in samba school on the same sands that legends like Adriana Lima and Gisele have graced, Amirio was also keen to show the rest of the boys the new flicks and skills he’d pick up. Renato on the other hand was happy to just sit back and make sure that none of the Menang players would do a Brazilian over him.

Unfortunately it was not a ‘carioca’ in blue who’d make the first impact on the game, instead it was a ‘viadiu’ (portugese for pundan) in yellow who got around the DRM defense and over the keeper. A lapse in concentration by the back line on the left allowed Danan to get by and he made it easy for a yellow ‘viadiu’ to slot past our loan keeper.

And that was how it was to stay until close to the end of the first half when an Amir D corner was met by Azelin and his first touch was to chest it down, whilst his second was to volley it into the back of the net for the equalizer. This came after a number of chances spurned by the same player, his deceptive pace almost always taking him past the defenders but his final shot was never really up to the mark.

Alex who whilst on the Menang back-line at the end of the 1st half managed two goal line clearances to deny both Ari and Rijal, switched sides at half time and played at the back for DRM instead, helping us ward off the Menang’s attempt to regain the lead.

Rahimin who came on in the 2nd half also helped to stabilize the midfield after Hailmey came off, in his usual no nonsense style of play sitting infront of the two centre-backs terrorizing the centre midfield area.

It was man of the match rijal who stole the limelight however in the 2nd half, as DRM’s tired legs meant that both Amir S and Amir D dropped further back spraying the long balls into the penalty area for Rijal to run on to. And he certainly had his fair share of chances, missing from a variety of opportunities … left foot, right foot, headers and even from inside the box.

So it was actually a good move throwing on experienced striker Aizul, who coached and guided way-ward Rijal into actually making the right moves in attack. And it all fell into place when close to the final whistle and Amir D through ball from the centre of the park left Rijal with a one-to-one, Aizul following closely behind. He calmly rounded the keeper and although he hesitated for a split second or two, eventually he managed to find his bearings and DRM were at last in lead with just minutes to go.

The Menang come-back spirit was not to be dampened however, as powerhouse forward Saiful Bulan attempted two last ditch strikes, one coming off Renny’s shoulder, whilst the other was palmed away in the corner by the DRM loan keeper.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

DRM v Menang FC Match Report

Match Line-Up
Formation: 3-5-2

First 11: Liew (GK), Ivan, Renny, Hailmey's Cuz, Hailmey, Amir D, Amir S, Rijal, Ari, Azelin, Julberg

Subs Used: Alex, Rahimin, Aizul

Did Not Play: Hammry

Played for Menang: Saiful Bulan, Yusriman, Danan

Match Statistics

HT Score: 1 - 1
FT Score: 2 - 1

Goals: Azelin, Rijal
Assists: Amir D (2)

MOTM: Rijal
Cuci Baju: Alex

Friday, May 02, 2008

DRM v East B Match Report

Match Line-Up
Formation: 4-4-2

First 11: Khalid (GK), Renny, G Khai, Limin, Yusriman, Danan, Dillah DPMM, Arch, Darin, Rahim, Julberg

Subs Used: Ivan, Fadil, Vince, Azwan, Ady Fadli, Ari, Rijal, Amir D, Haidi, Sulhi, Fakhrul, Amirul, Pg Shamhary, Daus

Did Not Play: Saiful Bulan, Aizul, Daus

Match Statistics

HT Score: 1 - 4
FT Score: 1 - 5

Goals: G Khai, Rahim, Julberg, Danan, Haidi
Assists: Danan, Rahim, Sulhi

MOTM: Arch
Cuci Baju: Azelin

Friday, April 25, 2008

DRM Finally Register A Hard Fought Win!!

A quick one. This was our fourth game and after a string of bad luck and some costly defending mistakes we finally managed to score more than we could concede yesterday afternoon to register that elusive first win and the three points that would take us off the bottom of the league table, where i am sure we definitely don't belong. One thing that has hit us this campaign has been an inability to stop the leak at the back, 12 goals conceded in 3 games puts us just behind East B with 18, but really that has always been DRM's style of play.

Worth mentioning though was the manner in which our attack play decimated the Hoist defense in the 1st half. We scored after just a few minutes, when after a corner was won, Danan's inswinger fooled everyone including the keeper to deflect off someone's head and into the back of the net. Tragically we conceded quite soon after that, but the way the game was going it was soon before an Azelin jinking run found him rounding the keeper for his first.

In some way, the referee had been kind to us as the next two DRM goals would probably have been called for offside on any other day. The first was when a through ball from Danan found Sulhi in some space and he slotted that in from the left easy.

A second came from a Rijal cross on the right where he'd been working hard creating chances all day, and some major confusion amongst the Hoist defenders as four of our boys looked to run at the final ball, all of them arguably offside. The on-form Azelin got to the end of that and he didnt dissapoint with his finishing.

We ended up 5 - 3 up at half time, with a seemingly comfy 2 goal cushion, and with the intent of preserving our lead, we opted to keep the strong back line of G Khai, Fakhrul, One Tabang & Vincent hoping to frustrate the Hoist team further.

That we did succeed in doing, and it was a testament to our resolute that we held on for the eventual win as they tried everything they could to claw back in to the game. And that included kicking at anything and everything in the way.

There was a 2nd half flash point as alot of smack talk and finger pointing resulted in Fakhrul getting a yellow for his efforts. Though he was fully justified in feeling aggrieved at nearly having his head whacked off his neck whilst on the ground.

In the end we held on dearly as they scored the one goal in the 2nd to make it an extremely close finish. Extremely relieved we were... as yoda would put it!

DRM FC v TSW Antlerz Match Report

Match Line Up

First 11: Khalid, G Khai, Fadil, Saiful Bulan, Ivan, Saiful R, Azelin, Julberg, Danan, Sulhi, Rijal

Subs Used: Yazid Student, Khairul Student, Haidi, Azwan, Vincent, Renny, Ari

Match Statistics

HT Score: 5 - 3

FT Score: 5 - 4

Goals: Own Goal, Azelin(2), Sulhi(2)

Assists: Danan(2), Fadil, Rijal, Azelin

MOTM: Azelin

Cuci Baju: Sulhi